1. Als ik mocht kiezen tussen al dat gestuntel van THE DON en onze al dan niet oprechte Ken O’Keefe, dan wist ik uiteraard wel wie er meer cojones van jodenstreken wijsheid bezat. Echter, ook voor Ken geldt dat zijn voorwerp van benoeming wel de haren verliest, maar de oeverloze problemen genererende rattenstreken met ons gojim als shekkels kreunende verneukmodel al veel te lang erin gebakken blijft zitten?! KIJK VERDER

      1. Por ejemplo..; “As we all know – or our readers at least – the ruling inbred commie Jews try to monopolise the opposition also. So it was interesting to see “The Spin Off” appear on the scenes just a few months after Media Whores kicked off. It appears to be heavily funded, as with everything these fascist / communist Jews do. Capitalism is the new communism – to qualify that previous statement. The fact that we all get gang raped by Jewish owned banks never changes. The Spin Off seems to have a large staff, with little or no sponsorship at all. They specialise in ..well nothing at all really. Just a series of meaningless articles about meaningless stuff, mixed with a little humor, pushing all of the usual Jewish ‘liberal’ debauchery, while carefully avoiding any of the real scandals around the place – such as the Jews being busted selling aborted baby fetuses on the global market and all of the Jewish pedophilia scandals. The recent avalanche of Jewish pedophilia scandals and accusations coming out of Hollywood is made for websites and blogs like The Spin Off, but they don’t seem to have used any of that content at all. It is mostly Jewish pedophilia being exposed, so presumably they will not touch it.

        We suspect the entire operation was set up in a hurry a few months after Media Whores fired into life as a rushed attempt to try and stem the stampede of people looking to make light of what is clearly a very sick and dysfunctional Jewish owned media in this Nation. The amount of money and resources these ruling psychopaths and kiddie fiddlers are prepared to throw around just to cover up and silence their pedophilia, meth trafficking and related mafia crime is mind boggling really. The Spin Off being another obvious example in our view. And a complete failure at that. Just more overpaid nerds being employed to cover up Jewish pedophilia scandals as far as we can tell.”

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